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Boom Barriers / Access Control


Do your premises have high traffic volume? You want something that is quick and easy to open but still offers an element of security.

The SECTOR high volume industrial traffic barrier offers that and much more.

Providing the ultimate traffic control, powered by a beefy custom-built DC motor and gearbox, the Centurion SECTOR can raise a three metre boom pole in a phenomenal 1.2 seconds.

With High Torque Boom Pole operation, The SECTOR’s DC motor and reduction gearbox will ensure your boom is able to open and close all day, everyday come rain, snow or shine, you are always guaranteed fast and efficient access both in and out of your premises quickly and securely.

What about the risk of having it close on a visitor’s vehicle with such power? Not to fear, the SECTOR detects any form of obstruction that allows it to prevent from closing or going “BOOM” on top of someone’s car.

Now when it comes to the size and length of the barrier you require, the SECTOR is able to close off an entrance as narrow as three metres to one that is as wide as six metres, making it perfect for residential, industrial and business related premises.

Still worrying about the risks of damage to your barrier or to a visitor’s vehicles? The SECTOR has an epoxy-coating that is called “Traffic yellow” making it easy for visitors (even those with bad eyesight) to recognise and, to make matters better, the epoxy coating is available with varying levels of corrosion protection ensuring that no matter what the environment, whether it be coastal, inland or marine environments, your SECTOR boom is protected at all times.

If the sound of the magnificent SECTOR Industrial Boom gate interests you, feel free to take a look at some more specs and products information here.




Are you looking to cordon off a parking area or perhaps control the access to an estate, whether business or residential in a cost-effective manner? Then the CENTINAL manual traffic barrier is your answer!

Worried about the length of coverage needed? The CENTINEL manual traffic barrier comes in 3,4,5 and 6 metre boom pole lengths with an internal spring enabling the boom to avoid the use of unsightly weights and counterbalance itself (Just because it’s a manual traffic barrier, doesn’t mean you need to do all of the work!)

With its professional and compact appearance, the CENTINAL manual traffic barrier is sure to blend in seamlessly with the aesthetics of your estate, business park or parking area.

Along with its professional compact appearance, the CENTINAL comes with an actuating handle that is both comfortable and convenient to use.

This is all great, but you’re probably wandering about the ability of the CENTINAL during heavy traffic flow? Surely, the guard will not have to stand there operating the boom until every bone and muscle aches or traffic calms? Well, with the convenient and easy-to-use thumbwheel, your security will be able to simply turn the thumb wheel and conveniently lock the barrier in to place allowing the free, flow of traffic during these busy hours.

Strong and durable, the CENTINAL is certainly one-of-a-kind. With incredibly robust construction, the CENTINAL will definitely stand it’s ground against the elements and other external factors.

Sound like something you need? feel free to take a look at some more specs and products information here