Wired Intercom Systems

COMMAX-–-1-1-Intercom-12VCOMMAX – 1:1 INTERCOM 12V
  • Xylophone sound doorphone with 2 wires
  • Effective Distance: 150m, 0.8mm copper wire
  • Designed for either desk use or wall mounting
  • Electric doorkey release button.
commax-35a1-600x600COMMAX 3.5 INCH 1-1 COLOUR VIDEO INTERCOM

The main competitive point is that CDV-35A is made from digital TFT LCD, and comprises from white LED black lighting, which allows you to get more vivid and bright pictures of the people outside of the door.

  • Audio conversation with visitor
  • Door open function
  • Up to 3 audio handset with outdoor panel connection
  • Gentle electronic sound
  •  Easy installation
  • Can be battery operated or powered by a 12v power source

Looking for a unique and effective intercom?

The POLOphone intercom system is a state-of-the-art intercom offering some incredible features. Winning the prestigious SABS Design Institute’s Design Excellence Awards, this beaut is well worth-it.

The POLOphone intercom system, is a great, user-friendly and unique intercom. With easy installation and a simple one-to-one kit for the common home, you are then able to add components to this system in order to expand it into an ideal system for those larger houses or premises. Sounds great doesn’t it?

That’s not all, the POLOphone intercom system can easily accommodate up to 4 handsets with a single entry panel or alternatively, three handsets with two entry panels and what’s more, you can intercommunicate between two groups of handsets in the system.

Be sure to get to know more about the POLOphone Intercom Systems features today!

Wireless Intercom Systems


Wireless Intercom Systems are a fantastic security feature to have! Take the GSM-Based Intercom System for example.

The G-Speak GSM-Based Intercom System is ideal for those of you who are on the move. By utilising your cellular device/mobile phone as a handset, this phenomenal system allows you to answer your intercom and open your gate from just about anywhere, incredible right?G-speak-classic1

On top of that, this system offers you such amazing freedom with the convenience of answering your intercom from anywhere in the world! With advanced functionality and a high-security eavesdropping feature and input monitoring you are good to go and that’s not all, take a look at some of the G-Speaks main features below:

  • Wireless convenience, less money, less time and less effort with your intercom handset at the tips of your fingers at all times in any location, upping your security ante and giving the appearance that you’re always home!
  • 2 high-security features; namely Listen Mode whereby the microphone is muted so that you can listen for any activity at your gate as well as Talk Mode, allowing you to scare away loiters at the gate.
  • With G-Speak you have the ability to monitor and control as much as four channels independently as either inputs or outputs, receive SMS notification when your gate is left open, when the infrared security beams are obstructed, the alarm is activated or when the mains have failed.
  • Crystal Clear Speech quality thanks to state-of-the-art technology
  • Weatherproof enclosure allowing for full protection form mother nature with a tough-as-nails ABS plastic housing making sure your system is fully protected.

Sounds amazing right? Be sure to take a look at more of the incredible features this system has to offer!




GSM Wireless Intercom Information

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