Electric fencing installed in Durban

Electric fencing installed in Durban



Electric fencing durban KZN

Master Gates is an accredited installer of electric fencing in KZN.

We take your security seriously by installing the best quality equipment and won’t cut any corners when it comes to securing 
you home or business.

One of the smartest security upgrades is installing electric fencing to your perimeter walls, Why is this a fact?

  • Electric fencing is a active fence which is alarmed, if the wires are cut the fencing will go into alarm.
  • Armed electric fencing has live and earth wires in its circuit and if shorted out the fence will go into alarm.
  • The electric fence energiser releases electric pulses along the stainless steel wire roughly once per second.
  • Electric fencing is far more effective than outdoor beams as they have less false alarms.
  • Electric fencing allows the home owner the freedom in their own property as the perimeter is secure.

From our experience electric fencing is the best solution for your security needs and helps to reduce your insurance premiums.

Contact Master Gates for a turn key solution and don’t compromise on your family’s safety.

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Electric fencing KZN



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