Aluzinc Garage door installed at Monteseel,Inchanga.

Aluzinc Garage door installed at Monteseel,Inchanga.



Master Gates installs Garage doors in the greater Durban area. We supply and install Aluzinc Garage doors, wooden garage doors and roll up doors.We recently installed a charcoal grey Alu-zinc door in the Monteseel,Inchanga area for a newly built house.The Aluzinc door is very popular as the door requires very little maintenance as it is a blend of Aluminium and Zinc and is rust resistant. The Aluzinc doors are much lighter that the traditional wooden doors and this is an advantage as there is less wear and tear on the garage motor and side torsion cables.

We find that the Aluzinc is a very attractive door and is priced very affordable compared to wooden garage doors.

Please give Master Gates call for more info on our Garage door selection.

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