Electric Fence

Master Gates Electric Fence Danger Sign

A physical barrier
A psychological barrier
and An early warning system.

Electric fencing has been a proven deterrent to keep thieves out of domestic, industrial and commercial properties.

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Good reasons to fit electric fencing:
  • Voltage on the electric fencing can be up to 9000 volts
  • If the fence is cut, the alarm will go off immediately before a thief can gain entry into the property
  • The fencing can be hooked up to your existing alarm system so if the fence is breached it will send a signal to your alarm company and they can come and inspect the property
  • If a rubber blanket is put over the fence it will go into alarm as the live and earth wires will touch
  • There is a red indicator light that shows that the fence has been in alarm mode. the client can phone their alarm company to come inspect the perimeter of the property before entering
  • the fencing is not only recommended to deter thieves, it is used to keep your pets inside the property and unwanted animals out.
  • the fencing will also bring your insurance premiums down.
  • electric fencing is better than out door beams as the thief cannot gain access to your property, it will alarm before he can get in.

Master Gates & Doors would recommend electric fencing if you live in a high risk area or would like peace of mind living!

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