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Steel Automatic Black Gate and Sliver Garage Door
Black And Sliver Sliding Steel Automatic Gates
Black And White Steel Sliding Automatic Gates

Gates – In Durban | Pinetown | Durban North | Durban South and surrounding

Master Gates provides a wide selection of gates made to your requirement.

Our range of hot dipped galvanized steel gates

Standard complex sliding gate with doggie bars made with solid 12mm and 10mm square bar infill.

complex gates-steel sliding gates-strong sliding gates

Palisade sliding gate with doggie pales. Very affordable and very secure!

palisade with doggie bars

All our gates are custom made to suit each every individual driveway. All gates come with quality installed gate tracks which is very important for the gate to run smoothly and there by increasing the life span of your gate motor.All sliding gates come with anti lift bracket to ensure the gate cannot be lifted off the gate track.

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